Corporate Partners

NDLM aligns the corporate partners’ available resources and organizational goals into a strategic, integrated digital literacy platform. The Foundation aims to leverage the strength of corporates, including NASSCOM member companies, by creating role-model centres to demonstrate best practices in digital literacy.

Role of Corporate Partners

  • Supporting the building of infrastructure for the digital literacy training centres by ensuring allocation of adequate resources including funds, for the project.
  • Strengthening capacity for the digital literacy trainings and ensuring their effectiveness, through curriculum design, human capital support, and/or monitoring and evaluation tools.
  • Contribute through utilization of volunteering opportunities if possible.
  • Support placement programs for youth undergoing skills development, wherever possible.

Corporate Engagement Models with NDLMModels of Engagement

Corporate partners can contribute towards NDLM through the following models –

  • Support NDLM centres established by NDLM empanelled implementation partners
  • Convert their existing community outreach centres to NDLM empanelled centres
  • Support activities at the NDLM centres through their employee volunteers
  • Upgrading infrastructure at NDLM centres