CognizantCognizant’s sustainability efforts are propelled by the knowledge that it must cultivate the resources that are essential to meet the challenges of the future. Accordingly, they have made Educational Opportunity, Environmental Stewardship and Employee Development the pillars of Cognizant’s sustainability effort.

They continually challenge themselves to apply their enterprising spirit, passion for innovation and can-do attitude to make a difference in these vital areas.

Cognizant has started ‘Project Rise’ wherein it part sponsors 11 schools in the Ernakulum District that cater to under-privileged students. Under this initiative, it has set up Smart Classrooms in 5 schools, Computer Laboratories in 5 schools and a Science Laboratory in one school. This support impacts over 10,000 students directly, every year.

Taking this work ahead, Cognizant has now signed up as an NDLM supporter and is now wokrking towards creating NDLM centres in key locations with the aim to provide digital literacy to the underserved communities.