Digital Literacy Volunteering
A digitally literate person is a more informed person. As a nation, if we have to succeed in the upcoming digital economy, we have to make sure that every citizen becomes digitally literate. The Government of India has moved forward by introducing the National Digital Literacy mission and it is our turn as educated citizens of this country to help the under-served people harness the power of digital literacy. You can help bring about an enormous change by participating in the “Each one Teach Two” campaign and make a difference in the lives of these people.

How can you volunteer

  • Contribute towards digital literacy training on a weekly basis (or as per their pre-decided time & commitment). They are free to choose the NDLM Curriculum modules which they find interesting. Download and have a look at the curriculum listed below:
  • Provide a helping hand to the NDLM center coordinators in running small errands
  • Download the curriculum on their Smart phone and undertake to complete end-to-end training of atleast one and preferably two, participants including their taking the assessment and obtaining a certificate
  • Get registered with NASSCOM Foundation as a volunteer and participate in periodic Digital Literacy Weeks.

Register yourself as a Digital India Volunteer

Locate the nearest NDLM Centre: